Example - Milestones


Financial Management & Systems, including Risk Management

Objective Milestone Measurement Tools
1. To integrate Global Fund financial management and reporting with the Public Financial Management System. 1.1 100% of financial reports being produced through the Public Financial Management System by all provinces, with 95% submitted on time # of reports submitted from provinces

% submitted on time
  1.2 100% of financial reports being produced through the Public Financial Management System by all 63 districts, with 95% submitted on time. # of reports submitted from districts

% submitted on time
2. To ensure robust oversight systems are in place and implemented to support the MoHCC. 2.1 100% of planned Internal Audit activities completed. % of activities complete from Internal Audit Plan
  2.2 95% of internal audit recommendations being acted upon within the agreed time frame. % of activities complete from audit recommendations
3. To strengthen IT support to all levels of the Ministry of Health as increased systems move to online functioning. 3.1 IT Operational Plan 2015-2017 90% complete. % of activities complete from IT Operational Plan
4. To strengthen and utilize with acceptable levels of compliance, systems and procedures to check that the Ministry of Health has a system of adequate safeguards to protect assets.4.1 Assets moved according to the Optimal Use Plan. Optimal Use Study

Asset Maintenance Plan



Procurement & Supply Management

Objective Milestone Measurement Tools
5. To ensure that national entities are ready and able to carry out Procurement activities when the Ministry of Health takes over this function in 2016. 5.1 Operational computerised procurement cycle management system.

5.2 Certified Procurement Staff in place.
PSM PR Mock Assessment
6. To ensure the supply chain is fully functioning and storage facilities are adequate to support the country needs. 6.1 90% of storage facilities improved.                                                                                                                          

6.2 Logistics Management Information System implemented.                                                                                                                                                                                

6.3 Supply Chain Management Quality Service Standards (or Quality Assurance Plan) meeting agreed targets on the level and frequency of stock outs.
Storage facility improvement plan completion report.

Quarterly reports on stock outs
7. To ensure that the laboratory equipment installed at all health facilities are fully functional. 7.1 100% of laboratory instruments and chemistry analysers fully functional with maintenance plans. Assessment of Lab equipment



Monitoring & Evaluation

Objective Milestone Measurement Tools
8. To ensure a robust health information system which supports the delivery of health care by providing information that is required for measuring the performance of service delivery at each health facility in the country. 8.1 % of health facilities reporting to HMIS increased from 50% to 70% by 2017. HMIS Report.
  8.2 Key indicators in the performance framework of grants captured in the DHIS2. DHIS Platform.



Project Governance and Programme Management, including SR Management

Objective Milestone Measurement Tools
9. To ensure coordination between the newly established the Ministry of Health GF Programme Coordination Unit and the current Ministry of Health coordination structures and systems (for planning and implementation). 9.1 Timely and accurate completion and submission of PU-DRs. Feedback from LFA and GF

Grant Performance Rating
10. To establish systems for coordination of training. 10.1 Mid-term evaluation of Strategic Integrated Training Plan Strategic Integrated Training Plan # of workshops held
11. To strengthen the Ministry of Health ability to manage multiple SRs to ensure quality programme 11.1 Burn rate of SRs.

11.2 95% of SR reports submitted on time.
SR Reports