World Malaria Day 2016

Results achieved with UNDP support

65 million cases of malaria treated



53 million bed nets distributed achieving universal coverage in 4 countries

9 countries have achieved 100% coverage with antimalarial drugs



In 6 countries the incidence of malaria has decreased by 75% or more

Remarkable country results

Reported confirmed cases of Malaria

Source: World Health Organization

Reported malaria deaths

Source: World Health Organization

Bed net distribution in Zambia

An introduction to the distribution of over 4 Million Bed Nets and the importance of Rapid Diagnostic Testing (RDTs) in Zambia. To see the full story follow this link;

Village health workers in Zimbabwe

Village Health Workers make an important contribution by providing Rapid Diagnostic Testing for malaria in remote communities.

New programmes

A newly signed grant of EUR 16.4 million to prevent and treat malaria among the country’s most vulnerable populations, specifically pregnant women, children under five and health workers. The new grant will run until end of 2017 in partnership with the Government of Guinea Bissau.

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A new funding agreement, totaling EUR 59 million, has been signed between UNDP and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund). With a focus on young children, pregnant women, nomads and refugees, the grant will roll out community healthcare sites in Chad and intensify efforts to prevent and treat malaria, the leading cause of illness and death in the country. The new funding agreement will run until June 2018.

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Sao Tome and Principe
The new $6 million grant will focus on increasing detection of malaria cases, broadening access to prevention methods like insecticide-treated bed nets and indoor spraying, and treating new cases. It will also strengthen the national epidemiological and entomological surveillance systems so that robust responses are in place when the country enters the final elimination phase of the disease.

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