Critical Enablers

Critical Enablers

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This section of the platform focuses on the Critical Enablers of Human Rights, Gender Equality, Policy and Legal Environments as they pertain to Key Populations that are impacted by, and vulnerable to HIV, TB and malaria infection. Here you will find information, strategies, guidelines, case studies, research, lessons-learned, and other resources that foster comprehensive and effective prevention, testing, treatment, care, and support. This resource aims to reach a wide range of audiences including but not limited to health and development partners, governments, civil society, as well as people living with; or affected by HIV, TB and malaria -- providing them with general knowledge as well as guidance on the design and evaluation of program and policy initiatives such as:

  • Prevention, testing, treatment, care or support programs
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Country level strategies
  • Global Fund Concept Notes
  • Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) processes and functions
  • Legal affairs and court cases

What are critical enablers and why are they important?

The role of UNDP in relation to critical enablers

The role of Global Fund in relation to critical enablers

UNDP and the Global Fund partnership

Programming to strengthen the enabling environment

A compendium of resources for strengthening policies and programs




While concerted efforts have been made to provide a comprehensive overview of critical enablers and relevant resources, we welcome suggestions for additional information and resources that are not currently listed.

“To deny people of their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” Nelson Mandela