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What Government Ministries Need to Know about Non-communicable Diseases

Both WHO and UNDP have produced a set of briefs which provide policy and decision makers across government with information on how non-communicable diseases (NCDs) impact their sector.

This includes the proactive steps they can take to respond to the challenges while advancing their own objectives and accountabilities.

NCDs - World's biggest killers

NCDs – principally cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory disease – are the world’s biggest killers. Urgent action is needed to prevent the annual toll of 15 million people who die prematurely from NCDs.

Tackling NCDs and their risk factors requires a response from government sectors beyond health. It is possible to identify strategies and approaches that deliver shared gains and co-benefits for all sectors involved. 


Download sectoral briefs (PDF, English):

Other briefs (PDF, English ):




Executive Branch 



Local Governments 

Trade and Industry 

You can find the briefs in different languages on the website.